How it Works

Homigo is a single point of contact for for busy homeowners who want their home maintenance & repair needs taken care of. With Homigo, you can expect the highest standard of professional trades, dedicated personalized service and unparalleled communication.

Personal Home Manager

Each of our customers are assigned a personal single point of contact, who we call a Home Manager.

Triage & Troubleshoot

When your home throws you a curveball, your Home Manager is only a text away, ready to tackle the problem.

Access to the Experts

Home Managers have unique access to a rolodex of commercial trades who are professionals in their area.

Proactive Recos

Preventative maintenance plans, personalized and delivered seasonally are the key to a healthy home.

Ask Deryn for Anything

Our Home Managers take pride in being able to tackle any issue around your home, and welcome the challenge of niche or unique requests.

Real Customer Requests Include:

  • Cleaning Eavestroughs & Windows
  • Removing Tree Stumps
  • Installing New Countertops
  • Exterminating Giant Carpenter Ants
  • Building a Zip Line in Backyard
  • Finding a Cat Sitter
  • Constructing an Easter Float

Our Pricing Model

Personal Home Manager

Free every month

Your Home Manager is always available to work with their customers, for free. Homigo negotiates bulk deals with our commercial vendors, and adds a markup to the reduced cost, while often quoting prices lower than available on the market.

Job Price Breakdown

Customer Testimonials

I was actually hesitant about buying a new house, before Homigo.

Salim, Executive & Dad

Some people don't know the contractors who work in their home. With Homigo, they've taken care of that for me.

Evelynn, General Manager & Mom

Examples of Our Services

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